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  Easy Pulse 5 Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver
  Oxygen Conserver - Easy Pulse 5 Oxygen Conserving Regulator by Precision Medical
Oxygen Conserver - Easy Pulse 5 Oxygen Conserving Regulator by Precision Medical
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Manufacturer: Precision Medical
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Product Code: PM-198705

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PM-198705. The Easy Pulse 5 Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver by Precision Medical helps reduce oxygen costs, control minute volume, offer reliability in a lightweight, compact design and is guaranteed to be clinically sound.

Helping to reduce oxygen costs: With a conserving ratio of up to 5.7:1, the Easy Pulse 5 reduces the amount of deliveries, and related costs, tanks purchased, tanks used and refill costs.

It controls minute volume: If the patient breathes faster, the minute volume is controlled to deliver only the prescribed amount of oxygen which allows for predictable cylinder duration.

It's reliable: It is the only pneumatic oxygen conserver that uses a standard single lumen cannula and delivers a pulse wave form comparable to an electronic conserver. The lack of alarms and batteries prevents nuisance calls.

The Easy Pulse 5 is compact at only 4.75 inches long and weighing a mere 10.4 ounces, making it the smallest and lightest oxygen conserving regulator available. It sets up just like a standard regulator and its size and weight make a perfect ambulatory package. The plastic T-handle is ergonomically correct for easy attachment to the cylinder by the patient.

It's clinically sound: The Easy Pulse 5 oxygen conserver delivers a front loaded tapered wave form and the entire bolus of oxygen is delivered in the first one-third of the inspiratory phase, another feature similar to electronic conservers.
Product Highlights
4.75"L x 2.63"W x 2.5"H
10.4 oz
Inlet Pressure Range
300 - 3000 psig
Internal Regulated Pressure
50 psig
Sea Level to 10,000 ft above sea level (0 - 3048 m)
Pulse Settings
1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Flow Settings
2 lpm continuous
Savings Ratio
Up to 5.7:1
Cannula Requirements
Maximum 7ft long adult standard single lumen oxygen nasal cannula (incl)
Oxygen Cylinder Connection
CGA 870 Post Valve
Oxygen Conserver FAQ’s

Oxygen conservers allow patients to carry smaller cylinders since the oxygen is pulsed to the patient on inhalation rather than offering a continuous flow of oxygen. The savings ratio stated with most conservers is based on a comparison to continuous flow use. For example, 3:1 savings means with the use of a pulse dose conserver the cylinder will last 3 times longer than when used in a continuous flow setting. This is ideal for conserving oxygen since the gas is needed only on inhalation. Continuous flow can be wasteful and costly.

Comparing Oxygen Conservers

Liquid oxygen cylinders usually have a conserver built-in, but also have many drawbacks. Compressed oxygen has evolved to become the standard for ambulatory oxygen. There are two types of oxygen conservers for use with compressed gas oxygen cylinders: pneumatic and electronic. Both types of conservers deliver a measured dose of oxygen on inhalation that is controlled using a rotary dial to set the size and frequency of doses. Both types of conservers also have a switch to choose pulse dose or continuous flow, although pulse dose settings are highly recommended. Patients should keep in mind how swiftly a tank can be depleted in continuous flow mode. Manufacturers' standard continuous flow setting is 2 lpm which will deliver approximately 1.5 hours when using an M6 tank. Pulse dose settings vary by manufacturer, but the standard is between 1 and 6 lpm at 1/2 liter increments.

An electronic oxygen conserver uses batteries - its internal function in measuring doses is electronic. Pneumatic conservers are mechanical, relying on the setting and pressure from the compressed gas to deliver measured doses. Electronic conservers and single lumen pneumatic conservers deliver a bolus of oxygen only at the onset of inhalation offering less opportunity for desaturation to occur, whereas dual lumen pneumatic conservers deliver the dose continuously across the inhalation period.

In the event the batteries expire (electronic conserver) or the conserver fails (electronic or pneumatic conservers) the conserver is not rendered useless, but automatically switches to continuous flow.

Single lumen conservers offer a single point of attachment for the oxygen tubing/cannula. Dual lumen conservers offer two points of attachment for two pieces of oxygen tubing (explained here). Most single lumen conservers are electronic, but that is not without exception. Single lumen pneumatic conservers mimic electronic conservers in that they provide a burst (bolus) of oxygen only at the beginning of inhalation. Dual lumen pneumatic conservers use two oxygen tubes, one tube connects to an oxygen delivery lumen which offers a burst but also continues oxygen delivery through the inspiratory period, the other tube connects to a sensing lumen that senses the end of the inspiratory period and stops the flow of oxygen.
What’s in a name? The oxygen conservers we carry are thoroughly tested for clinical accuracy, efficacy, efficiency, and reliability. Our most popular conserver is the DeVilbiss Pulse Dose Electronic Oxygen Conserver. However, we have solid confidence in each model we offer, and have rejected other models for lack of testing or quality assurance.

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